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You Call

Every client relationship starts with a call to gain an understanding of your student's needs, academic background, and what we can do can do to help them.

We Match

After we’ve spoken, our academic services team will begin matching your student with tutors on the basis of your student’s academic needs, schedule of availability, personality, and learning style.

We Deliver

After we find the perfect tutoring match for your student we’ll connect you with your tutor and ship you an Apple Pencil and iPad, if we’ve determined that these devices are necessary for an excellent online tutoring experience.

We understand How Much you care about your child and their future

That's why we’ve spent the last decade perfecting our ability to deliver a best in class online tutoring, test prep, and college admissions experience for your student. Whether your child is struggling with the fundamentals of Algebra, taking their first honors Chem class, prepping for an AP Biology exam, or trying to achieve a perfect score on the SAT…We can help!

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Our Tutors

It takes a lot for a tutor to join our team of over 50 undergraduate and graduate tutors working to meet your students needs. Our eight step hiring process and continuous review of our tutors performance working with students ensures we know our tutors well and can find the right match for your student.

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Our Tech

There is something magical that happens when you add an iPad, Apple Pencil, and digital white board to the mix of online tutoring. The difficulty of learning math and science online vanishes.

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We care for clients like they are family!

  • We get to know you and your student so well that we can solve semester long problems for you in just phone call or two.

  • Our tutors get to know your student, their interests, their strengths, their weaknesses, and how your student learns best.

  • Your students learn more from tutors they like and trust, so we do our best to keep them paired with the same tutor for the full school year.

  • We see ourselves as a part of your team working to deliver measurable results.

  • We'll be here year after year when you need us!

Brighter Futures Start Here.

Finding the right tutor today can make all the difference in your student's life tomorrow. Let us help your student reach their full potential.

Who’s On Your Team

Our Vision

It’s our goal to inspire a spirit of lifelong learning in our community and to help students understand that they will always be students of life.

Our Mission

We strive to make learning personal and meaningful for every student we teach.

Our Clients Love Us

Karen S.

"Jake was genuinely concerned with the quality of learning that came from the sessions and the tutors themselves were knowledgeable and kind. Both he and Heather provided consistently clear communication and their services were a huge help in assisting my daughter to navigate scholastic challenges and learning gaps.  Many thanks!"

Lisa G.

"Simplifi EDU is a lifesaver! My daughter needed help with an English assignment and I called them at the last minute and talked with Carling. She was so nice and helpful and matched us with a tutor the next day. The tutor was knowledgeable and definitely helped with the assignment. Carling has been great about checking in and being there when my daughter needed a tutor. Thanks Carling!"

Chris T.

"Simplifi EDU has been an amazing resource for remote learning during the last 18 months. My high schooler worked with Simplifi EDU on honors Physics during her Freshman year and honors Chemistry during her Sophomore year - we plan on continuing to work with them for Biology during her upcoming Junior year. Simplifi EDU's amazing tutors have helped my daughter master complicated new concepts with in depth review. I highly recommend them!".

Sabrina I.

"I have had a great experience with Simplifi EDU. I have been working with them for the past year and they are very easy to work with and have very high quality tutors. Their standards are high and they are always checking in with me to make sure we are happy with their service. I highly recommend them"

Cathy M.

"Jake was an immense help to my daughter during her ACT prep. He was not only helpful with the content, but more importantly he really listened to her and addressed her specific needs, all while being positive and encouraging. His knowledge and ability to relate to others is a true gift. I would highly recommend Simplifi EDU!"

1:1 Online Tutoring Really Works...

  • Students get the personalized instruction and attention they need to do well in their classes and truly understand the material they are learning.

  • All of the most advanced learning resources are just a couple clicks away within our online tutoring sessions.

  • Nobody has to drive anywhere and students can learn from the comfort of their home.

  • Studies have shown that students who receive 1:1 tutoring are able perform better than 98% of their peers.

Brighter Futures Start Here.

Finding the right tutor today can make all the difference in your student's life tomorrow. Let us help your student reach their full potential.