Our Tech

Our innovative online tutoring method brings distance learning back to the basics of pencil and paper.

How to Get Set Up

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Step 1

Submit a request for tutoring

After submitting a request, we'll get right to work finding you the perfect tutor.


We'll also get you set up with the necessary equipment! In 3-5 business days, you will receive an iPad, Apple pencil and protective case.


Step 2

Set up your iPad

When your iPad arrives you can set it up as if it were your own. Outside of tutoring, you can use the device for whatever you want!  


Your iPad will allow you to access your tutor any time, anywhere, on a virtual workspace. But it also works great for Netflix!

Child on Tablet

Step 3

Quick Tech Orientation

Let's get started! We will provide you and your student with a quick 10-15 minute walkthrough of the equipment and software you’ll be using for tutoring.


Don’t be intimidated by the tech! We have created a simple, stress-free method for online tutoring that will make your student feel as though they’re working with their tutor in person!

If you have any technology issues with your iPad, just give us a call!

If we think you need a replacement, we will send you a prepaid box.

Send us your old iPad and we will send you a new one. 

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