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Our tutors are unique individuals in whom we've found the rare combination of expert knowledge, excellent teaching ability, and the passion and patience to help your student. By applying decades of experience to the hiring and matching process, we’ve refined our hiring practices year after year and built an outstanding team of tutors ready to meet your needs.

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Our hiring process


Resume Analysis

We evaluate all tutor resumes and applications that have been submitted and select only top tutoring candidates for phone screening.


Phone Screening

We call top tutoring candidates to get a better understanding of their tutoring experience, areas of knowledge, and professional skills.


Video Interview & Skills Assessment

We ask the candidates to rate their own skills so we can evaluate their accuracy when we complete reference checks and transcript evaluations. We meticulously map each tutor’s educational experience and their comfort level in tutoring core academic courses.


Transcript & Communication Skills Review

We review all high school and college transcripts to ensure top talent. Candidates’ self-assessments are cross-references with their academic performance and transcripts. Each tutoring candidate is required to submit two writing samples to assess their writing and communication skills.


Proficiency Testing

Each candidate must complete a proficiency test for the subjects they wish to tutor and score within the 90th percentile of all applicants in order to be considered as a tutor for a particular subject.


Emotional Intelligence Interview

We ask our candidates about their past tutoring and mentorship experiences and inquire about their personality and adaptability. We also evaluate whether or not each tutor’s approach to tutoring is compatible with our companies mission and values.


Demo Lesson

Each candidate is asked to teach a lesson during their final interview and receives in-the-moment feedback. If a tutor can’t teach, then we can’t hire them.


Reference Checks

We contact all references for a tutor we feel meets the quality and standards of our company to ensure we are hiring only the very best tutors for your student.

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With over 50 tutors on staff, we are an interesting bunch of young, highly accomplished individuals. Within our ranks we boast: Students graduating at the top 5% of their class, Valedictorians, Campus Leaders, Future Medical Professionals, Student-Athletes, Entrepreneurs, Polyglots, and Artists.

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