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We're in the business of helping parents and students find excellent private tutors, and we've spent the last decade working to build private, 1-on-1, online tutoring services that...

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Make the lives of parents and students easier by matching them with the right tutors.

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Deliver a quality online tutoring experience that matches or exceeds that of in-person tutoring.

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Improve students' grades and inspire a spirit of lifelong learning in every student we teach.

What Makes Us Different?

The Right Tutors

Simplifi EDU's exceptional tutors, mentors, and role models work to meet your student's tutoring needs.

Our tutors are unique individuals in whom we've found the combination of expert knowledge, excellent teaching skills, and the passion and patience to help others.​

Our eight-step hiring process is very selective and only the very best candidates are allowed to join our team.

Meet Our Tutors

The Right Tech

We've made online tutoring in subjects like math and science simple and truly interactive with the addition of iPads and Apple Pencils.

Students can finally hand-write their responses to questions, touch the concepts they are working with, and engage with their tutor via a virtual white board in real-time.

By utilizing the right technologies within online tutoring we're exceeding what's possible with in-person tutoring.

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Brighter Futures Start Here.

Finding the right tutor today can make all the difference in your student's life tomorrow. Let us help your student reach their full potential.

Proven Results

Full letter grade improvements with regular tutoring

150+ point improvement on the SAT

4+ point
improvement on the ACT

99% college acceptance rate

Who's behind Simplifi EDU

This is Jake Adams, Simplifi EDU's Founder. He's been an academic subject tutor, test prep tutor, and entrepreneur for over 14 years. He started his first in-person tutoring business just before graduating from Pepperdine University with his Bachelor's in International Business. Jake and his team have worked tirelessly to apply over a decade of learning about the best practices within tutoring and running an excellent tutoring business to bring the quality experience of their in-person tutoring business to an online environment via Simplifi EDU. Jake still spends over twenty hours a week tutoring because he simply loves teaching and is always looking for ways to improve the company's online tutoring methods.

Our Guarantee

We promise to find the perfect match! And if you feel that the tutor we've assigned after carefully listening to your needs is not the right fit for your student, just let us know and we’ll find a tutor who is. Not only that, your next session with us is on the house!

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Hear what our clients say

Mom satisfied with tutoring

Julie D.

"Jake and his team at Simplifi EDU are top notch in every way. Professional, insightful, and encouraging. They help students reach their potential by finding their learning style and developing a personalized curriculum. These cool, hip tutors speak my son's language! And as a parent, I love that the service is online! One less place to drive! Its a win-win in every way!"

College Student Testimonial

Nick D.

"I’ve been using Simplifi EDU to help with my college math and science classes right now. It was hard to learn everything without as much support from my professors online, but tutoring has really helped with passing all of my classes this semester. They have super knowledgeable and easy to understand online tutors. I’ve been recommending them to my friends."

Parent calling to say he is happy with tutoring

Craig M.

"I loved the service! Excellent quality, flexible, cooperative, caring. Most importantly: successful! An ‘A’ in the class and ‘5’ on the AP Calculus exam".

Female College Student Tutoring Testimonial

Scarlet A.

"Thank you all again for all of your help this past semester in Stats 101. I did well enough on the final to get a B- in the class! So so happy with that considering how awful my grade was just a few weeks ago! Couldn’t have done it without you guys!"

Mom whose kid enjoys tutoring with Simplifi EDU

Doreen L.

"Simplifi has provided excellent tutoring for both of my students at affordable prices. My son's needs were assessed at the beginning of the semester and he was matched with a perfect tutor who was patient, encouraging and able to explain concepts in a way that made sense. Overall we are very satisfied."

Brighter Futures Start Here.

Finding the right tutor today can make all the difference in your student's life tomorrow. Let us help your student reach their full potential.